{fundraiser} For Amanda

Amanda waving while running her first marathon: Mohawk Hudson Marathon, 10.10.10.

From our intro-fundraiser post: “Our first fundraiser is for one of the founding contributors and one of my oldest friends, Amanda. In some horrible twist of fate, during the first hours of the storm a fire began in their hot water heater and swept through their house, so fast, that Amanda, her three amazingly strong daughters, her hubs and the new family puppy were lucky to get out with the clothes (no shoes) on their backs. Their precious cat did not make it. Due to smoke and water damage, they lost everything “down to the studs”. I will stop the story there. My heart aches everyday. I’ve held onto Miles a little tighter, a little longer this week. The FSC ladies have been helping in small, but substantial ways, bringing them easy-to-serve “from scratch” meals, snacks and treats and also toys, puzzles, games and books for the girls.”

Now, we’d like to take up a small fund to help them with the transition to a rental home.

If you do click on the link to read Amanda’s posts, either in the above paragraph or on the sidebar, you will see a theme of family, healthful living, and tradition. Her kitchen played an important role in her house as a gathering space and as a place for her daughters to create and share meals. I know from being there on numerous occasions, the kitchen is the hub of excitement. Not the playroom, not the family room, but the kitchen.

Picture from the post {Dark Days Week 18} Visiting the Farmers Market (cutting KFF veg!)

Amanda’s kitchen, and home at large was also the site of our very first public event, Kate Payne’s Book Party (and mini food swap & dessert potluck). It was a glorious evening where we met ladies who would soon become regular contributors, cuddled with the cutest teeny babies, ate amazing desserts, shared stories  and also we began the food swaps that would become a monthly event.

Our {recap} of our Kate Payne House Party!


Gift Basket #1: Harper Collins Author & Blogger, Kate Payne, has graciously offered a SIGNED copy of her book The Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking: Decorating, Dining and the Gratifying Pleasures of Self-Sufficiency–on a Budget. You can read our review of the book here.

Gift Basket #2: Another fabulous food blogger, canning-guru, food photographer and friend, Kaela from Local Kitchen Blog, has offered her crazy-good custom designed canning labels. Kaela contacted me hours after I posted the fundraisers and immediately offered her services. Kaela did the same thing when Bloggers Without Borders organized a world-wide internet auction for Jennie, who lost her husband to a sudden heart attack. Have you seen her labels?!?! I stare (and drool) at them often when I’m reading her jam posts.. I want, so should you…especially if you are a food swapper…Ohhh you would be the ENVY of a swap!

The Fine Print  THREE people will each win ONE set of labels. Here’s a link to Kaela’s LABEL GALLERY (very important link!). In addition, the person who donates the most to this fundraiser, will automatically win a set!

From Kaela “Dig deep, donate generously, and I will make your canning pantry the envy of your block. You can choose any of the three designs: Circles (as featured on The Kitchn and Pimp that Preserve!), Typewriter, or Modern Text (seen below), and I will incorporate your specifics: maybe you want labels for a particular recipe; maybe you’ll be giving out holiday gifts, or bridal shower favors; maybe you want a generic “from Sam’s Kitchen” with a space to write in the individual preserve. Whatever it is, I’ll work with you and do my best to make it happen, as a thank you for supporting a great cause.

I should note that I assume you will want to print the labels yourself, hence I will plan to email a PDF file, which you can use again and again. The file should work with any 2 and 1/2-inch round label, but I use Avery, which are available in white and 100% recycled Kraft brown. Should you not have access to a printer, or be unable to source the labels, I am happy to print some out (within reason) and mail them to you.

Disclaimer: I’m not a graphic designer. I mean, I work in MS Word, which is more than a little pathetic. But people seem to love the labels, so I thought it would be a nice way to say thank-you. I’ll do my best to design a custom label that you love; but I can’t work miracles. I’m just a science geek, after all.”

Kaela is also giving a jar of her IRENE’S JAM in both this fundraiser (see below: gift basket #3) and in our “For The Farms” fundraiser.

{modern text labels}

Gift Basket #3: FSC Contributor Christine, used to have an Etsy shop where she sold handmade items like neck cozies, coffee sleeves, hates, scarves and aprons! Christine has offered a apron (shown below- how cute is that?!?!?). In addition to her apron, there will be various non-handmade kitchen stuff that has been collecting dust in my “FSC giveaway” bag in my office dining room such as a Denison Farm Market Bag, a cutsie kitchen towel from Target, vibrant colored drink stirs that look like sticks by FRED, a magnetic meal planning notepad by Mead and a clear pour-over coffee maker V60 by Hario. I had been planning to give this stuff away at various points but haven’t yet, so what better time than now?! *Update* I am happy to announce that this gift basket will also include a jar of Local Kitchen’s IRENE JAM. It’s a blueberry, cranberry, raspberry, rhubarb jam that Kaela tossed together while everything was thawing during the hurricane.

Gift Basket #4: This is the “swap” basket; filled with various food stuffs, canned jams & pickles and baked goods by FSC Contributors and Swappers. This basket might become huge by the end of the two weeks! I will be sending this box-o-goodies, 2-day or faster so you get the freshest product! I do NOT have a sexy photo of the goodies, just pic of one of my three boxes of canned goods and a picture of our “edible gift basket” giveaway during the holidays that then-reader-now-contributor, Jillian won!

Here’s what I know so far:
Dianna is giving a bottle of their maple syrup (!!),
Erika is giving a jar of her Heirloom Tomato Salsa & a jar of dried parsley
Jillian is giving Blueberry Basil Jam, a straight Blueberry Jam and a baked good (egg, dairy & nut free),
– Swapper Tara is giving a baked good- probably a loaf of banana bread,
Swapper Renee is giving a jar of Dilly Green Beans,
Britin & Nick of All Good Bakers, will be giving a delicious product from their bakery,
Becky is giving a jar of Tomato Basil Jam,
Deanna is giving a bottle of Sweet & Sour Dressing, and
Liz is probably giving a peach jam with some english muffin bread




– The way these fundraisers will work is simple: donate ANY amount of money and you are entered to win one of the gift baskets.
– Gift baskets are open to all U.S. Residents (international shipping would cost too much, sorry!).
The fundraisers will run though midnight on October 15th- so tell your friends!
– If you would like to say something below, please do so! Whether it be a question, or a thought about life/tragedies or a kind word to Amanda & her family.
– When you click on the link, you will be directed to our blog’s paypal account. It should say “Fundraiser for Amanda” in your “cart”. You can either use your paypal account or forgo that and simply donate with a credit or debit card.
– The fundraisers end at midnight on October 15th. I will announce the winners of the gift baskets on October 17th. Hopefully I will also announce our totals and have pretty artsy pictures of the hand written checks to our recipients.


DISCLAIMER: This fundraiser is low-tech. Donations are put into the Paypal account I have set aside for blog stuff. I don’t really know what I’m doing- if there is a problem with your transaction, or the link above, PLEASE email me at fromscratchclub(at)gmail(dot)come. Thank you! -Christina


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  1. Celia says:

    Amanda, I’ll be thinking of and praying for you and your family.

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