{August 28th} the day that changed lives.

Sunday, August 28th, 2011.

Irene came to upstate NY as a Tropic Storm and left her mark. A gigantic mark. I’m not sure we even know how big a mark as everyday, updated news comes across the wire and there is more & more devastation. Roads, sidewalks, trees, electric poles, street lights, covered bridges, foot bridges, barns, crops, animals, cars, small buildings, large buildings, houses, apartment buildings, library books, personal belongings, ENTIRE TOWNS all washed away. In one day, in as little as one hour or 15 minutes. Washed away or flood damaged.

We have seen an amazing swell of support and more is to come. For our part, we here at From Scratch Club are going to focus our online* efforts directly to lending support to people and businesses that we are personally connected. Their profound loss is our loss. I’m sure many of you agree that until you, a person or place you know is affected by a substantial, unthinkable tragedy it can seem abstract and distant. The people we know and love that were affected by the storm are all over this blog, either as a contributor or as a farms that that has fed our families for years and have become friends, a substantial part of our community.


Our first fundraiser will be for one of the founding contributors and one of my oldest friends, Amanda. In some horrible twist of fate, during the first hours of the storm a fire began in their hot water heater and swept through their house, so fast, that Amanda, her three daughters, her hubs and the new family puppy were lucky to get out with the clothes (no shoes) on their backs. Their precious cat did not make it. Due to smoke and water damage, they lost everything “down to the studs”. I will stop the story there. My heart aches everyday so I’ve held onto Miles a little tighter, a little longer this week. The FSC ladies have been helping in small, but substantial ways, bringing them easy-to-serve “from scratch” meals, snacks and treats and also toys, puzzles, games and books for the girls. Now, we’d like to take up a small fund to help them with the transition to a rental home.

Our second fundraiser will be for two of the biggest certified naturally grown farms, with CSA Programs, in the area; Denison Farm and Kilpatrick Family Farm. These two farms are ALL over this blog as they feed most of our families on a daily basis and we tell ya all about it, all the time. Remember when we rambled on about our love for CSA’s? Or the time Erica was excited to receive her 1st CSA share from Denison Farm? Or the time when Michael called me at 7 in the morning to tell me he’d read my blog post, and found me a Christmas turkey? Since starting this blog, I’ve gone from casual, quiet repeat customer to proudly saying that Justine Denison & Michael Kilpatrick are my friends. And…well…Michael is now my boss**. Its hard to say how much they lost in monetary dollars, especially because each day seems to bring them more, clearer information on what exactly is lost, but it looks like they have both lost around 4 acres of crops. For the Denison’s its current summer/early fall crops and for KFF it will be fall and winter storage crops. These two farms took BIG hits.


The way these fundraisers will work is simple: donate money and get entered to win one of the gift baskets. Gift baskets are open to all U.S. Residents. The fundraisers will run though midnight on September 21st- so tell your friends!

We have some great donated items to “raffle” off. Each fundraiser will have a few baskets-o-goodies (donated by some fabulous FSC Contributors, readers, CSA members, and local businesses) to raffle away. Each fundraiser will have its OWN blog post. You will click on the blog post/fundraiser you want to donate to. After the descriptions of the gift baskets, you will click on the Paypal links***. For any amount donated, your name will entered into those fundraiser-specific raffles. If you’d like to share something with Amanda or Denison Farm or Kilpatrick Family Farm, please feel free to comment below or within their specific blog posts. We will get your message to them!


*At all of our food swaps in September, October & November there will be donation jars for people to donate to various large-scale recovery projects helping our state get back on its feet, such as the Regional Food and Farm Project or Schoharie County Community Action Program. We will probably do a different recovery project with each swap to reach as many people within the state that we can.

** Disclaimer: I am the CSA Coordinator for Kilpatrick Family Farm. My job is not in jeopardy due to the storm, so I am not fundraising to save my job.

*** This fundraiser is low-tech. Donations are put into the Paypal account I have set aside for blog stuff. After the two weeks, all transactions have been processed and Paypal has taken its percentage of each donation (3.20 per $100) I will cut three cuts to each recipient. Easy!  The fundraisers end at midnight on September 21st, right after our Saratoga Food Swap. I will announce the winners of the gift baskets the weekend of September 24th & 25th. Hopefully, if all goes smoothly with Paypal, I will also announce our totals with  artsy pictures of the hand written checks to our recipients!


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  1. My heart aches for Amanda (and family), the Kilpatricks, and the Denisons. Farms are (excuse the pun) the bread and butter of our country, of our civilization, and nothing happens without food. Thank you Chris and all my buddies with FSC for putting this together!

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