{fundraisers} YOU ARE AMAZING!


and You!

and You and You and You!

We did it!

Are you ready for the grand total……are you sitting down?

Drumroll…fireworks…doves released from a cage…maybe military planes flying overhead?

Nah, too much.

Anyways, after Paypal took its cut we raised a total of $2340.96 for FSC Contributor Amanda, Denison Farm & Kilpatrick Family Farm.

High Fives!

Golf Claps!


Fist Bump-Its (and explode!)

The Wave!

We did it. I am BLOWN AWAY by the generosity, not only from the amazing gift basket donations (see following posts to click on their business websites) but also by you, you and you- the donors! THANK YOU!

For a teeny tiny blog from Upstate NY, we did more than alright! Alright!

The Breakdown….I’m making checks out to

Amanda for $511.76

Denison Farm for $914.60

and Kilpatrick Family Farm $914.60.

I will be seeing these folks this week at various points in my travels and I will take a picture of the recipients with their MEGA-Sized Checks….Oh wait a minutes…..I’ll post an photo diary update on Sunday.

In the meantime…those gift basket winners are...stay tuned!


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