{giveaway} Put ‘Em Up! Fruit.

First Blueberries!

Its Earth Day and I get to gush about a book (and host a giveaway) that inspires and educates folks on the ins & outs of putting fruit up, whether that’s in jam-form, syrup-form, frozen-form or or or…the sky is the limit! Growing your own fruit or buying fruit from your local farmers market or picking it directly at your favorite farm, and then using it in a mariade of ways so that you can savor the flavors throughout the year is at the heart of Earth Day: Sustainable, clean, limited waste, and self-sufficient.

Put Em Up cover
Photo from my ‘review’ of Put ’em Up on July 15, 2010.

Sherri Brooks Vinton‘s first book, Put ’em Up, was litterally one of the very first ‘real’ posts I added to the site back on July 10, 2010. Sarah F, one of FSC’s founders, did the same, on the same day. Then  on August 10, 2010, we had our very first giveaway on the blog… guess what book? You guessed it.

Sarah & I beyond were over-the-moon that a book, so complete in its detailed information, that both of us could learn to can, and preserve in general, from start to finish. From.A.Book. We used it, over & over again. That summer of 2010, I believe Sarah & I tried 70% of Sherri’s recipes from that book. We were in love.

We are still in love. Now, as a waterbath canning teacher at The Arts Center and beyond, I will ALWAYS put Sherri’s first book on the short list of beginner preservation books that are a must. I still use her book over & over & over again. The pages or torn and have a multitude of water strains. Its very well loved.

Put em Up! is everything you want in an instructional book: detailed & clear instructions, with lovely drawings that do show important points of the process and then the great recipes.(my 2010 review has tons of  pictures of Put ’em Up’s beautiful pages) What I also loved about her first book was that the recipes were alphabetized by the main ingredient; whether that be cauliflower or onions or sweet peppers. That detail seems small, but when you have a what seems like a metric ton of a certain vegetable or fruit and you need to ‘put it up’ fast, you can quickly flip to that item ASAP without using an index. Its the little things that make this book, and now PeU:Fruit, a constant companion in my kitchen.


Sherri has brought along all of these key elements from her first book into Put ’em Up, with Put ‘Em Up Fruit: A Preserving Guide & Cookbook. Creative Ways to Put ’em Up and Use ’em Up. (check out the link: great instructional videos w/ recipes!!!! Gah! Delightful!) She has also added the most amazing, next-level element: Use it Up! Ways to put those canning recipes to sue besides throwing that jam on a piece of toast or using in a cookie from Fish Poached in Tomato Sauce to Turkey with Quince Glaze to Cinnamon Rice with Pickled Plums. She has created a preserving guide AND a cookbook. Genius. I love Sherri & her writing style all over again with Put ’em Up! Fruit.

I’m so happy to have this book in my hands and can not wait to give a copy to one lucky reader! Its a must-have for the food preservationist and home cook.

canning jars
Sarah F’s canning frenzy of 2010

FSC is the last stop on the Put ‘Em Up Blogger Train, so yes, you can enter the giveaway below but before you do so, take a gander through all these blogs that I truly love, read word for word and are truly inspirational. Each give their own thoughts & ride through Put ’em Up! Fruit.


Storey Publishing not only provided us with one review copy, but also a copy to give away to one of our lucky readers! The winning comment will have their copy sent straight from the Storey HQ just in time to begin preserving early summer goodies!

To enter to win, leave a comment telling us about your love for fruit: in jam, as soda syrup base, poached in wine, used on meat, in a salad, etc.

Giveaway Details

  • Open to US Residents only.
  • Giveaway ends at midnight Saturday, April 27th, 2013. The winners will be notified via email and announced on this post on Sunday, April 28th, 2013.
  • We will pick the winning comments, randomly via the always random, random.org.
  • All entries must be in the form of ONE comment below. Comments posted on Goodreads, Facebook and Twitter will NOT count towards this giveaway. Good Luck!

Disclosure: Storey Publishing, based very close by in North Adams, MA, provided a review copy and a giveaway copy of Put ‘Em Up FRUIT at no charge. We were not paid to participate in this giveaway. Oh, and my opinions are my own. I love Put ’em Up book 1 & 2 and that’s that!


98 Comments Add yours

  1. Kelly Lynn says:

    This book sounds great! Good solution for people like me who ‘over can’ and are sometimes left wondering what the hell to do with it all…

  2. tawnya says:

    I’ve been so loving the sneaks of this book!

  3. jenn thompson says:

    I have canned my whole life. With my Momma, my Grandma, my Memma and various Aunties. It is just how I moved through the world. I cannot imagine a summer season without a water bath canner, some salt , sugar and everything I have grown from seed or tree!

  4. Terry says:

    Since I love fresh fruit and buy too much, since it is so beautiful at the farmer’s market, I can use some new ideas about what to do with extra (never excess) other than freeze it.

  5. Jess P says:

    My favorite way to preserve fruit is butter. I love all sorts of fruit butters and can’t wait until I can sink my teeth into a warm scratch biscuit with delicious satiny butter smeared all over it.

  6. Marianne says:

    This is my newest endeavor – wish me luck!

  7. Sarah Keeney says:

    This would be a great graduation gift since its already on my amazon cook book wish list!! Come on Lady Luck!!

  8. Timothy Raab says:

    Enhance Life- Preserve the fruits of the earth, …..and share.

  9. Michelle Smith says:

    The book sounds awesome We love fruit here and would like to know more creative ways to use it.

  10. Jean Kennedy says:

    I too have canned since I was small mostly watching at first then given small tasks and gradually larger over time. Now I can enormous amounts of food all year long. I am still learning and still reading books on how to do better!

  11. pmacott says:

    Her first book is a steady go-to for preserving — would love to add the new one to the collection!

  12. Annie says:

    Ooh, I am so excited about this! I have, and LOVE, the first Put ‘em Up!

  13. Judy K says:

    For the past couple years I have been revisiting my childhood memories of canning with my family…it has been a wonderful experience re-learning the craft of canning…but not so wonderful trying to grow things (I am not so good at that yet)

  14. Liz Phillips says:

    This would be such a great resource for my kids’ canning camp this summer! Pleasepleaseplease. Help me get the kiddos into canning.

  15. carrie s says:

    I love my citrus! I take the peels off and candy them, use the sugar water to make syrup, dehydrate or can the insides. My fav is candied pineapple core and use the syrup for my pancakes and use coconut oil as my butter and they taste like a slice of Hawaii

  16. Donna Jenkins says:

    My favorite way to eat fruit is picked straight from my local “pick-your-own” farms – delicious! I would love to win this book and learn how to save my in season pickings to enjoy during our looong winters!

  17. Deborah B says:

    What’s not to love about fresh fruit, especially fruit picked in my own back yard? Every year I add a new fruit to my garden. I started with an ancient pear tree and two decades old blueberry bushes. I’ve added rhubarb, peaches, nectarines, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, quince, plums and apples. In the beginning the yields are small, but each year there’s more and I’m looking forward to learning to preserve them all.

  18. I am very interested in the “use it up” section of the book. it sounds extremely practical compared to other canning books. I’ve had canning parties in the past, so this would be another great excuse to have one this season.

  19. David Roscom says:

    Looks like a great book to add to my other canning books!

  20. Amy Ellis says:

    I love fruit in so many places.. right now I love fruit on pork… Apricot jam or pear glaze, apple cabbage relish (oh I just did this on a pork roast, NOM) or just a hint of straight up apples… Pork and fruits were meant for each other.

    Though my daughter would contest, she’s found my new love of canning to bring her joy in the form of fresh jams for her school sammiches.

    I need this book, I want this book! The decision day is the day before my birthday so let the fates bring me this ever lovin’ book (which is already on my wishlist in case I don’t win it)

  21. christine klimkowski says:

    Since I don’t like jam and toast that much, I’m looking forward to more ideas for how to use all my canned goods!

  22. Tammy Masse says:

    as I continue my journey with canning, drying, and “putting up” my foods, what a great addition!! I am soooo ready for some new ideas!!

  23. jodi says:

    I have a true love for berries right off the vine (or bush)! The ones that make it into my bucket instead of my mouth are turned into delicious jams to enjoy all year long…

  24. Veronica says:

    I have a great granddaughter, and we cook together. I would love to be able to pass my love of cooking and this wonderful book on to her.

  25. Veronica Hathaway says:

    I wish I’d been prepared for canning last year when I ended up with what seemed like millions of tomatillos from the “eggplant” seedlings my grandmother gave me! I’m preparing this year though and will enlist my daughter to assist with it. Hopefully with fewer tomatillos. =P

  26. I have borrowed this book so many times from the library, would love my own copy.

  27. Megan O'Day says:

    I just bought my first canning equipment and pressure cooker. This would be a great resource and learning guide.

  28. lynn says:

    This sounds like a lovely and practical book. I love putting up fruit in all kinds of ways — maybe my favorite is jam, but a close second would be nectar that I freeze. Peach nectar from our backyard trees = heavenly 🙂

  29. melissa says:

    my favorite way is to freeze it for smoothies or make jam. can never have enough jam!

  30. Jessica Nemazee says:

    Please pick me! 😉

  31. I am going to be picking pounds of blueberries in just a few weeks and have never put blueberries up. I hope to jam and freeze them. I hope I am the lucky one!

  32. lisa jacobsen says:

    yes! please!

  33. janarbananar says:

    I’d love a copy of this book =) One of my favorite things to do is preserve all summer long!

  34. Christy Trent says:

    Would be a great book to have. Just started canning a few years ago.

  35. Leta says:

    Love canning jams and pickles the most!
    They make such great gifts.

  36. Jodi M says:

    I’d love to get some new ideas for putting up fruit!

  37. Jennifer C. says:

    I’ve been following the trail of giveaways for this book, and although I’m sure I won’t win, it’s been fun discovering a plethora of great blogs in the process!

  38. Kate H says:

    I grew up with a Grandma who made jam, always thinking that store bought was so exotic and special. Now that I’m a grownup I know it’s the other way around. My favorite thing about fruit jams is popping open a jar of jam in February and it immediately takes me back to summer.

  39. kymm fox says:

    just started canning a year ago and i love it. now all i do is look for new recipes to try!! this book looks wonderful!!!

  40. Weatherly W. says:

    Some of my favorites are mango salsa, tomato watermelon feta salad and my mother’s brisket with dried apricots and prunes soaked in gingerale.

  41. Jennifer says:

    Somehow in my cookbook frenzy I haven’t bought her first book but it has been in my shopping cart on multiple occasions. I’d love to see it!

  42. Jennifer says:

    sounds like a wonderful book!

  43. Ona says:

    Pick me! Pick me! I know how you blogged about he first book and it’s been on my list to purchase for years. Because of FSC I have been putting ’em up for almost three years – thanks for the inspiration and these fun giveaways.

  44. Terveista says:

    Canning and preserving is a great idea for saving money, losing weight and eating clean. Can’t wait to learn more for my upcoming garden this summer.

  45. I’m grounded from buying any more cookbooks, but nothing says I can’t win one, right? Fingers crossed 🙂

  46. Abigail says:

    I’ve only recently fallen in love with canning,but so far it has been amazing! my husband loves marmalade so my first batch was Grapefruit marmalade, then strawberry lemon marmalade, yum! it has been so fun! I used to occasionally made soda syrups too, but frankly it got a bit too expensive and wasteful to always be buying bottles of fizzy water, so this is a great and fun way to use fruit that we get from the pick your own farms.

  47. Just learned to can fruits and veggie 2 years ago! Hoping to curb costs for our large family as we try to catch the foods in season with good deals and can strategically to make the best of the opportunities as they come year round. We have few recipes and are looking to expand canned products…The book Put ‘Em UP looks very promising. Hoping to find it at a good price online…winning a copy would be the icing on the cake. Thanks for sharing a good product.

  48. Karla says:

    This summer will be the fourth that I’ve preserved blueberries and peaches from farms/orchards with which my co-op has a direct relationship, and I’m hoping that this will be the first summer I start preserving cherries from my own yard – Carmine Jewels this year, with North Star cherries and Hansen’s bush cherries following. I’m looking forward to getting ideas from Put ‘Em Up.

  49. vtswapSara says:

    I love to can and this sounds like the perfect addition to my growing library.

  50. Millie says:

    We eat a lot of fruit at my house and I put up a lot of it. Frozen berries, lots of jams, apple and peach butter, applesauce. Dried apples and peaches and pineapples. We put in some cherry trees and I hope in the next few years I’ll be able to learn to put up cherries as well.

  51. Penny Twitchell says:

    Since I was a young child I have always loved fruit. In the past several years I have started making canned jams and crock pot butters. I also freeze fruit for smoothies. My absolute favorite is a recipe I have for strawberry freezer jam. Since you do not cook the strawberries and use very little sugar, it’s like opening up summer and sunshine anytime of the year. It’s fabulous. I am always looking for new recipes and expanding my knowledge and comfort base with new fruits, butters and techniques.

  52. Jess Lamson says:

    Fruit is my favorite thing to preserve and since I loved Put ’em Up I’m sure I’ll love this even more!

  53. Sandra says:

    My most favorite way to eat fruit is to just eat it! All by itself. But that can’t last, so freezing and preserving comes into the picture.

  54. Jessica D. says:

    My love for fruit lately has been the kind in compote form. It goes well with grilled meat. great with cheese and crackers, and substitutes for any kind of relish you can think of!

  55. Kim F says:

    I loved Put ’em up and we have been trying to plant fruit trees in our yard that are just starting to grown fruit. My husband makes lots of jams that we eat with sunbutter on sandwiches every day. (maybe not my favorite way to eat fruit but my most common).

  56. Can’t wait to complete our cross-country move so I can start a pantry!

  57. Kris T. says:

    I love getting seconds fruit at the farmers market and putting up jam in the summer for Christmas presents in the winter. My boyfriend has a prodigious love of jam, so I love thinking of him and his enjoyment when I am preserving. This year I hope to expand my repertoire – pickles, chutneys, salsas, and more!

  58. Alison Y says:

    I love that this book gives us ideas of what to do with our preserves, other than put them on toast. So, I would love to have a copy.

  59. Meg G. says:

    Fruit! What isn’t to love about fruit?! My partner and I took a canning 101 class a few months ago, but still haven’t managed to get our acts together in the kitchen. Hopefully this cookbook can help us branch out and actually start canning!

  60. Nissa says:

    Love fruit in many forms–fresh, in a jam or jelly, as part of a compote…just had some yummy cranberry orange compote with a corn muffin!!!

  61. I’m learning a love of fruit, actually. Growing up, about the only one I liked was apples (peeled, of course). But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve discovered that in-season fruit is a whole different thing, and now, I like things I used to never touch, like blueberries and strawberries. 🙂

  62. Morgan says:

    Sounds like a great book! I tend to freeze everything rather than get creative and can, this could give me a start in the right direction.

  63. Sara says:

    Looks great! I like to use homemade jam or marmalade on toast every morning!

  64. I started canning fruits and vegetables grown in my garden a couple of years ago. Although its not a huge plot we preserve for multiple reasons with one of them being to teach our children the many benefits. We’ve made Concord Grape and strawberry preserves from fruit right out of our backyard. To some this is not a big deal but it is to me, I grew up in the city and was never exposed to anything but the grocery store! Thanks for the opportunity to win this book, if I am lucky enough to win it will be put to good use.

  65. Nicky says:

    I love the original Put Em Up book. These new fruit canning book would be great. My family plans to have a large garden this year. This book would help us enjoy it year around!

  66. Mike says:

    There is nothing quite so satisfying as opening a jar of summertime in the bleak days of winter.

  67. Grapefruit is nature’s sour patch kid, and therefore I eat copious amounts!

  68. Christa H says:

    I would love this book!

  69. Bonnie M says:

    I love a good fruit salad!

  70. Colleen says:

    I love the 1st book …excited to see she has another out.

  71. petoskeystone says:

    Grapefruit in jam, rhubarb in marmalade, cherries with chicken…etc. 🙂

  72. Amber Jacobi says:

    What a great resource this would be (giveaway or not!) as I try my hand at canning for the first time this year! Great post 🙂

  73. Janet says:

    Love a platter of fresh, cut fruit and watching the kids devour it.

  74. Kris says:

    The best way to eat fruit is right off the bush/tree/plant. But, summer is short, so I preserve as much as possible. My biggest problem, though, is making recipes for preserves and then not knowing what to do with them afterwards, so I LOVE the “use em up” aspect of this book. I can’t wait to get it (even if I don’t win).

  75. As a kid, when asked what we wanted for desert, my best friend would ask for a slice of white bread and I would ask for berries. To this day, we are still pretty much the same. I LOVE LOVE LOVE berries! Funny enough, neither one of us ever asked for a cupcake.


  76. Fruit is the best! afternoon snack! It gives sugar, it hydrates, and it’s easy to find tidy fruits to eat on the go.

  77. Ann says:

    I love that this book not only tells about preserving foods, but gives ideas for what to do with all those jars on the pantry shelf.

  78. Cindy Clingan says:

    I love homemade blueberry syrup – on pancakes, with yogurt, on oatmeal, on ice cream…..tastes like summer! Delicious!

  79. Jeannette says:

    My family has several fruit trees at home and we´re often found with tons of leftover fruit and no idea what to do with it! I´ve never canned before, but I think this would be a good way to finally do something with all our fruit so that we can keep enjoying it in more ways than one 🙂

  80. Alissa says:

    I love the first book – can’t wait to see this one! I love fruit in just about everything. Desserts, breakfast, cocktails, salads…

  81. mlm says:

    Love Storey Publishing! They publish books about pretty much everything I want to read about….

  82. Katie says:

    Homemade jam on homemade bread is the best thing ever.

  83. Sarah Leslie says:

    I would love to start canning fruit! This is making me hungry already!

  84. Brighid says:

    Recently I’ve been on a fruit plus spicy greens dressed with balsamic vinegar. Our farmers’ market has the most amazing greens coming out of high tunnels and combined with some fruit (not local, yet!) — it’s wonderful!

    Last year’s tomatoes preserved in tomato jam with locally sourced lamb burgers have also been a big hit with me recently.

  85. tanya says:

    Love it all, but my favorite thing to make with fruit is chocolate truffles with layers of thickened preserves.

  86. Kat says:

    I love fruit in so many ways! A fresh picked peach ripe in summer can’t be passed up, but deliciously canned peaches make an excellent peach cobbler! Brie wrapped in phyllo dough and baked then smothered in warm apricot preserves is the one appetizer I can never get enough of. Except for maybe some crackers with cream cheese (or goat cheese as I’m not picky!) covered in raspberry jalapeno jam. And to finish the meal off, don’t forget that homemade grapefruit soda margarita! Delish!

  87. Cris says:

    Sounds great!

  88. Allison says:

    So excited about this book. It’s on m birthday wish list.

  89. Ann says:

    I enjoy mixing homemade jam or conserve into yogurt or oatmeal and serving homemade pear chutney with cheese and crackers. This book looks delicicious.

  90. Susan says:

    I would love to add her new book next to her first one. Can’t wait for the berry season to arrive.

  91. Kaitlyn says:

    Love it! Would love a copy 🙂

  92. Jackie P says:

    The book looks like an absolute must have for using our Upstate summer bounty.

  93. Christina says:

    I wanna put em up!

  94. heather says:

    Fresh, preserved, baked, poached… there is really no *wrong* way to prepare fruit. Most of all, I think I like a quick stovetop strawberry jam with balsamic atop warm from the griddle crumpets or scones!

  95. Joan says:

    Berries – canned into jam with smoky chiles, or turned into drinking vinegars/salad dressings. Or cherries with red wine syrup over yogurt or ice cream. Can’t wait for summer fruits to start putting them up!

  96. Lindsay says:

    This book looks amazing may have to convince my husband to expand the cook book section of the kitchen.

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