{FSC SWAPPERS} breads, jams, soups, lip balms… oh my!

Editor’s Note: Swapper Natalie & her friend, Swapper Lindsay, have rocked the Saratoga Food Swap since they began attending a few months back. They are serious regulars now and I’m always delighted to see them (and what they bring to swap) each month! They tend to be very creative with glorious packaging and display wow….

{DIY Halloween Candy} Part 1: Peanut Butter Cups

Editor’s Note: I’m pleased to say that “we” (Becky) are ON TOP of Halloween early this year. Last year Alexis, Amanda, Leslie, Sarah & I wrote on the theme “Indulgence” whether that be reflections or recipes. This year I’m happy to report that Becky has done ALL the work for the 11 of us. Starting…