{FSC PODCAST} Episode 5: Raising Animals (for food)

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Founder Christina here, as we slowly bring back FSC from the brink of blog-death, we are going to rewind and feature all the podcasts, blog posts and events that have featured the sustainable, humane and transparent work of West Wind Acres as they raise animals for meat, with care and dignity and sustainability in mind. Currently they are going through unbelievable legal troubles due to their farming methods. Please read FussyLittleBlog’s post on the topic for the latest information.

First up, let’s listen to their words with FSC Podcast Episode 5: Raising Animals (for food).

from scratch club

Raising animals for food. It’s a tricky subject, but we are tackling it with gusto in this month’s podcast. We’ve talked about growing vegetables, joining CSAs to pay someone else to grow vegetables and we’ve even talked a little bit about backyard chickens. Now we are bringing you an extended interview with a local meat farmer who knows exactly what it takes to raise farm animals sustainably, humanely and compassionately.

Here at From Scratch Club, we represent nearly the entire range of diets including vegetarianism, dairy-free and responsible carnivore households. What we all have in common though, is the commitment that if and when we choose to eat meat, we choose to buy the most sustainable, humanely-raised, healthy meat we can find. Because factory-farmed, commodity animal products are just gross.

FSC Editor & Reporter in the Field Christina Davis brings you this month’s interview with Joshua Rockwood of West…

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