{Kitchen Crafts} Found Kitchen Chalkboard

Hi There Readers –

Lauren B the Crafter here with another segment on Kitchen Crafts. This post and the full instructions attached per the PDF will detail how to take an found/old/unloved mirror or picture frame and turn it into a Kitchen Chalkboard.

ImageLike most of you out there that are busy working during the week, Sunday is officially dubbed Menu Planning Day. I write a Menu detailing the breakfasts, snacks, lunches, and dinners for the week, a Grocery List of things to grab on Sunday so that we have everything ready to go, and then a Prep List of everything that I have to prep on Sunday to be ready for the week’s food.

That’s like, 3 lists. The Prep List and the Grocery List get thrown out that day, but the Menu stays around all week so that I can remember what we’re eating and when. Also, having a Menu prepared helps me not stray from the plan which leads to wasted food.

In an effort to have the Menu more visible in the kitchen and because I don’t believe in putting things on the fridge, utilizing a blank wall to hang a chalkboard sounded like the perfect solution. Also, someone gave me a big old mirror a few weeks ago so having that available *turned on the light bulb*.

See the shortened instructions below and the full instructions are available per the PDF attachment: No. 108 Found Kitchen Chalkboard


  1. Mirror or picture frame with glass
  2. (1) Can Rustoleam Chalkboard SPRAY paint
  3. (1) Can of spray paint for your frame (if you’re refinishing the frame)
  4. (1) Can spray paint primer
  5. (1) Roll of painters tape
  6. Roll of paper towels or several plastic bags
  7. (1) Package of white chalk


  • Prep your work area for spray painting and prep the mirror or frame by repairing it (if necessary), cleaning it, and wiping it dry.


  • Prime the entire surface, the frame included.


  • Spray the chalkboard paint over the mirror/glass surface. I don’t suggest taping off the frame in this step because the chalkboard paint is a matte paint, and any over spray would get covered up when you paint the frame.


  • Tape off the recently painted chalkboard surface, using paper towels or plastic bags to cover and protect the chalkboard surface.


  • Spray the frame!
  • Take off the painter’s tape and check out your handiwork. DO NOT WRITE ON THE CHALKBOARD YET!
  • Hang your new chalkboard.
  • Before you write on your chalkboard, you must properly “season” it by taking the long side of a piece of chalk and rubbing it all over the chalkboard surface, erase it (I use paper towels), then repeat this seasoning step several times.


  • NOW you can use your chalkboard!



I hope you enjoyed the project, it definitely solved my Menu dilemma and if its an even bigger chalkboard you can track to do lists and so many other things too.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Tammy says:

    What a great craft!

  2. Fantastic job! I had no idea you had to “season” your newly painted chalkboard; that’s a great tip. I could totally see tackling this with my mom (she’s a much better crafter than I am).

    1. Lauren B says:

      Glad you guys like it!

      I have to admit that having a chalkboard around is quite addictive. I am obsessed with the one in the kitchen, and I am keeping my eyes peeled for a similar mirror to convert into a chalkboard for my entryway.

  3. Pirate Jeni says:

    Holy cow I love this!!

  4. floralmetal says:

    WOW, what a great inspirational idea! Loving this!

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