{FSC Book Club} Put ‘Em Up! FRUIT Final Recap

FSC book club

We read, we cook, we chat.
That is the FSC Book Club.

What a summer! If you’ve been following along with the FSC Book Club, you’ve been savoring every bit of the summer fruit bounty by freezing, canning or preserving with us using Put ‘Em Up Fruit: A Preserving Guide & Cookbook. Creative Ways to Put ‘em Up and Use ‘em Up by Sherri Brooks Vinton as our guide. (Learn more about the book at our announcement post.)

Guess what? We may have officially just finished up our last assignment, but it still isn’t too late to hop in and join us. If  you  have tomatoes overflowing from your gardens or spread across your countertop, chime in with your tomato canning successes! Going apple picking this weekend? We’ve got you covered. Stop by the Goodreads forum and chime in on social media too. Keep checking in with us, tagging #FSCBookClub on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Here’s what you missed from {Meetings 3}:

It seems the consensus during Meeting 3 was that the summer flew by too quickly! Too quickly to make all of the recipes we wanted to! But the crowd favorites seemed to include the Peach BBQ Mop and Classic Peach Jam.

Amy’s Peach Jam & Peach BBQ Mop on pulled pork (via Goodreads). From Amy:

“Friday night I took shredded pork shoulder cooked in my crock pot and the peach BBQ mop I made last weekend to a pot luck dinner party. I also served grilled cole slaw and grilled potato salad. It was a perfect summer combination – big hit.”


Jackie’s peach jam & #FSCBookClub bonus… cornbread from our last pick Whole Grains for a New Generation! (via Goodreads and Facebook).


Casey’s Peach BBQ Mop on tofu (via Goodreads & her blog).


Photo Sep 17, 10 13 40 PM

Deb’s canning prep (via Instagram & Twitter).


For {Meeting 4}, we took a peak at the chapters on blueberries, apricots & lemons:

The Kitchen Ninja made a delightful Blueberry Vinegar and tried Blueberry shrub for the first time! Success! (via her blog).


Amy’s Blueberry Ketchup with sweet potato fries (via her blog).


For {Meeting 5} we did our best at putting up some grapes, grapefruit and quince:

Aimee’s Concord Grape Jam (via Goodreads & her blog).


Grapefruit Liquor by Casey (via Goodreads).


Our final {Meeting 6} covered pears, apples and tomatoes!

Tina’s Roasted Garlic Tomato Sauce & other various tomato goodies (via Goodreads).


Amy’s Tomato Salsa & Chutney (via Goodreads).


The Ninj is back again with Roasted Pear Cardamom Butter! (via her blog and Facebook).


That’s more or less a WRAP on this round of the FSC Book Club! As always, our Goodreads forum will stay open if you are still catching up on some preserving or would just like to pop in, look around and say hello. Author Sherri Brooks Vinton stopped in many of the meetings to offer her tips and advice, so be sure to check them out! Keep on using that #FSCBookClub hashtag when you are putting up fruit or using up some of what you preserved this summer. We love reading and cooking along with you!

We’ll be recovering from this round for a few weeks and will be back with another FSC Book Club pick this fall! Stay tuned right here to the blog for more information and for a special FSC Book Club giveaway coming soon.

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  1. Hey Christine, great wrap up, I wish I had found time to cook more. Also heads up, that photo is from my Blueberry Ketchup/Sweet Potato Fries. Thanks for hosting as always! Hoping to be more involved next time.

  2. Hello! I really like your blog 🙂

  3. We’re canning up a storm in my house too! These look beautiful. I’m dying to try your pear cardamom butter!

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