{drink week} Fun with Limes

Editor’s Note: Before I begin I need to get something off my chest: can you believe its the first day of August 2012 already? Wow.

Okay, I’m back & focused.

To continue our drink week, we have a brand-spanking-new Guest Contributor, Wendy of the Wendalicious blog and from the Board of the Schenectady Greenmarket (and Schenectady Food Swapper!) She has arrived in style with all drinks using fresh lime juice: either in a homemade sour mix or as a standalone flavor. Frozen Gin & Tonic- yes please! Muddled Raspberry Gin Fizz- sign me up! And last but certainly not least- Fizzy Amaretto Sour- me want!

Welcome Wendy! -Christina


This past week I got to thinking about summer drinks, and how those frosty, frozen, or fizzy concoctions are what summer is all about (well, that’s what *my* summer is all about – don’t judge me). Frozen margaritas, frozen daiquiris, frozen mudslides…then I had a thought – why does no one make a frozen version of my favorite mixed drink – gin and tonic?

I’ve long been a fan of gin and tonics. The fizziness of tonic, the bracing medicinal punch of gin, and the refreshing bite of fresh lime. I drink mine with two limes, thankyouverymuch. I have a wild streak.

As far as the gin itself goes, I’m partial to Tanqueray, but I can enjoy a G&T made from just about any brand. I’m not a fancy girl. Though one time at Detroit Metro Airport, after getting bumped from a flight and holding a complimentary drink voucher in my hot little hands, I decided to *get* fancy and order a very expensive Bombay Sapphire gin and tonic. It was elegantly smooth and fantastic, and I felt like royalty for the 30 minutes it took me to sip it. Since then, I’ve not had another one made with Bombay Sapphire, but I’m fine with that – Tanqueray is really more my speed. I had a pretty clear idea of how one might go about making a frozen G&T, so I just dove in and dragged out my blender.

Please Note: I don’t measure things – I just add stuff to the glass until it tastes good. I suggest you do the same – you’re the one that has to drink it, right?


In blender, crush ice. Add a squeeze of lime juice, and gin. Pulse, adding gin until it’s good and slushy. Scrape slush into a tall glass (or two short ones, if you are sharing). Top with your favorite tonic water, and add a lime wedge – or two – to the glass. A straw is a necessity.

It was just as frosty and tasty as I expected. And the drinking experience was not unlike that of drinking a Slurpee – every once in a while, you gotta stir it around with your straw to mix the drink back up into the ice. A happy juxtaposition of childhood memories and adult beverage consumption.


I’ve also been playing around with some other fun summertime drinks: one that involves gin, and one that doesn’t. Both fantastic for enjoying on the deck on a hot summer evening!



  • Handful of fresh raspberries
  • Ice
  • Squeeze or two of lime juice
  • 2-3 tsp Simple syrup (recipe found in yesterday’s post)
  • Gin
  • Seltzer (raspberry lime flavored is perfect)


Muddle* raspberries in shaker, add ice, lime juice, syrup, and gin. Shake a bit, pour into glass. Top with seltzer and a wedge of lime.

* Muddling is  crushing fruits or herbs to release their full flavour into a cocktail.



  • Amaretto
  • Grenadine (or the juice from a jar of maraschino cherries, in a pinch)
  • Fresh homemade sour mix (recipe: equal parts lemon + lime juice, simple syrup, splash of OJ)
  • Seltzer (plain or flavored – peach works really well in this)


Fill short glass with ice. Pour Amaretto over ice, add sour mix til the glass is about ⅔ full. Drizzle Grenadine into glass. Top with seltzer.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. I like the thought of a G&T slushie – funny how I never thought of that one myself! I’ll have to try it out.

  2. Wonderfully refreshing ideas for summer evening drinks – we just need some proper summer weather over here in the Uk, so we can enjoy them properly!
    This is a great blog – thanks for sharing – I love your sugar and spice candied nuts recipe too!
    Best wishes, Emma.

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