{WELCOME} harvest fest visitors

{Butter, Mustard, Cider and Swapping- Oh My!} Photo Credit: Nadia from Cooking My Way to Healthy

This is a quick post to welcome all of the wonderfully engaged and excited visitors that came through our booth at Honest Weight Food Coop‘s Harvest Fest. It was EXTREMELY well attended and not just attended but ATTENDED. Every single person that walked through our tent (thanks again goes out to my boss, Michael Kilpatrick of KFF,  for the loaner tent!) was not just happy and warm but EXCITED and ENGAGED about food: seasonal ingredients, buying locally, cooking food, exploring farm to table and DI food projects –  it was exhilarating. We all can say without hesitation that it was a very memorible day for us all.We hope you will stick around to see what we’re all about! Welcome.

{Sample/Recipe Card Table} Photo Credit: Nadia from Cooking My Way to Healthy

Unfortunately (or fortunately) due to crowds we never got a chance to take pictures of anything. Not Liz’s butter making demo, not my on-going mustard demo nor Deanna’s Small Batch Apple Cider Pressing. Doh! We didn’t even get a picture of the glorious recipe samples we had for people to enjoy – Double Doh! So instead the pictures you were taken by FSC Albany Swapper (and HWFC Member) Nadia.

{showing off KFF’s fresh ginger root for mustard making} Photo Credit: Nadia from Cooking My Way to Healthy

The ONLY picture I grabbed: our brand new vinyl sign. FANCY PANTS!

For those who missed out on various recipe cards, I wanted to link to the recipes that are currently on the blog and mention that others, will be on here shortly!

Deanna’s DIY Apple Cider is from Friday’s post, {DIY Apple Cider} from Tree to Tummy.

Becky’s Peach Upside Down Muffins, which I made seasonal with some red bartlet pears, can be found in her intro post {Hello} I’m Becky.

Jillian’s very popular Winter Squash Muffins will be on the blog this week if I can help it.

My Faux Nuts Two Ways is here.

Liz’s English Muffin Bread is not on our blog, but her personal blog, Brown Betty Farm. She made it for our July Swap and it was a HUGE hit as it was again today. The recipe is here.

Christine’s Locavore Quiche, which grew wings and flew off the table it was so popular, is on the blog as a Rainbow Chard Version.

Liz’ Homemade Butter is made with the “Shake in a Jar” method which can be found on Christine’s personal blog, Unspeakable Visions. Maybe we can get Christine & Liz to do the blog’s first instruction video on the how to – stay tuned!

The Fruit Infused Vinegars, Erika T‘s Hot Pepper Vinegar and my 1000 Variations Mustard is not yet on the blog….but soon.

Lastly, information about our Saratoga Food Swaps are here, Albany Food Swaps here and the “About Us” page is here!

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