{weekend reading} Food Swap Edition

Its back.


The popular weekly food policy, news and recipe-link-love post, {weekend reading} national edition is back. Dipping-my-toe-in-back. Its not gonna be the novelette it was pre-farm job, for now, but it is back. Yay!

I’m doing something different for my first Sunday back in the saddle. Since today is the first food swap in Albany, which by the way sold out in 48 hours, I am linking to a bunch of food swap related news articles and blog posts. Some deal with the growing issues of food regulations & general safety, others are general articles on the swaps that have spread all over the country like wild fire.

I am apart of a closed group of food swap organizers on Facebook, and one thing is for sure, they are passionate, inspired people making strong communities in their community but also interested in growing the movement nation-wide. Its inspiring to share ideas and resources with various swap enthusiasts. I mention the private group because frankly most, if not all, of the links come from the group or two organizers specifically Kate Payne’s blog, Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking, and Kim Christensen‘ s MPLS Swappers blog.

If I don’t see you today, or on Wednesday for Saratoga Springs’ 3rd Swap, please sign-up for the next one or find one in your area OR create a food swap in your neck in the woods!

The first big article that started it all… NYTIMES “You Cooked What? I’ll Trade you Granola”

Heavy Table covered MPLS’ first swap: “The Inaugural Minneapolis Food Swap”

Ventura County Star on VC Swapper’s events: Food swap helps people share produce or homemade goods.

Portland, OR has something extra happening at their swaps: Portland singles meet kindred spirits at food swaps Article from Oregon Live.

“Let’s Make a Deal” Sun Sentinal covers Fort Lauderdale’s growing food swap scene!

9News Denver covered the MilesHighSwappers on the TV. cool.

One of the biggest articles to come out in recent weeks is The Boston Globe’s story: For swappers, it’s share and share alike.  With a video component.

LAist covered LA’s first swap: An Old Fashioned Good Time: The 1st Ever LA Food Swap

Bay Area Bites on SFSwappers event: Food Swaps: Sharing Goodies, Stocking Pantries, One Trade at a Time

Megan Paska on Huffington Post on how she & FSC’s favorite Hip Girl, Kate Payne, created their first food swap.

The Austin Chronicle featuring Ms. Kate Payne and ATXSwappers: DIY 2011

Cooking Up a Story featured the PDXSwappers in a video piece.

EBCASwappers are featured in a story on Shareable.Net: Food Swaps: Trading Tasty Treats Keeps Culinary Boredom at Bay

Shareable.Net also had a story on California, food safety regulations and food swaps.

Update (early Sunday morning 7/17): Just found an article on “hosting your own food swap” published in the July/August Eating Well magazine. Gotta love twitter!

Lastly, Kim has a great post over at MPLS pondering the question of food safety at a food swap.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. We had a blast at All Good Bakers hosting the first Albany Food Swap tonight! There was an enthusiastic crowd, pre-game Sangria (thanks Christine!), and lots of great homemade food, with interesting combinations, to swap. Thanks to everyone who came and for packing yourselves into our tiny bakery! We can’t wait for next month’s swap. Big shout out to master-organizer Christina – everything ran smoothly thanks to you! I think we made history tonight: Albany’s first ever food swap. Fun fun fun. And great food.

  2. Nicole says:

    Thank you so much for coordinating Albany’s first swap! Walking in, and not knowing a soul, I instantly knew it was going to be nothing but a good time. The room was filled to the brim with happy chatter, smiles, laughter and of course a small sea of canning jars and other containers filled with eye catching food. Food that joyfully reflected their makers as well the colors of the season.

    Can’t wait for the next swap. I’m hooked!

  3. Randy says:

    that was tons of fun 🙂 thanks ladies! looking forward to next time!

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