{recipe link love} CSA Program on the Road

As you read this I will be out & about delivering CSA shares to 19 fabulous families, couples and individuals. As Kilpatrick Family Farm‘s CSA Coordinator, I had the crazy idea to do home-delivery CSA Program in areas where we are not represented by a farmers markets stand; such as the Albany/Troy/Schenectady area. All of our markets are north of these locales. I told the story in my CSA Fair recap, as I got the idea from those few hours speaking to customers in that area of the Capital Region. I offered to go door-to-door to deliver the goods; why not? You don’t know until you try.

Between stops I get to a rarity enjoy the big “QT”. Quiet. Time. That opportunity is far & few between with an extremely chatting and very energetic 2-year-old and a job. Driving around neighborhoods, that I don’t normally visit, and stop at local places along the way for food and coffee while listening to podcasts (Why We Cook, The Main Course, The Farm Report, Cooking Issues. All Heritage Radio goodness). Perfection!

That said, when its close to 100 degrees mid-July & August (or today as its forecasted to be) or when Miles might have to join in the fun due to sickness and can’t go to daycare (like today) I might not be so chipper. As of this writing, pre-deliveries on a Wednesday night, I feel like a modern milk-woman; delivering the fresh valuable product that people will truly appreciate and enjoy.

In my mind this is what Michael must feel like every Wednesday and Saturday when he drives to the farmers markets, sets up shop, and customers gobble up his goods. This is the closest I’ll get to that feeling. It feels really good, like deep in your soul good.

Here’s a peek at what I saw during my first week’s travels…

{Saratoga POLO Grounds}

{My First of Two Road Blocks}

{Double Shot}

{Modern Day Milk Boxes: Coolers!}

{The Goods}

{I Look Forward to Meeting You Too!}


{A Gift For Miles}

{When Did Albany Medical Center become a Ginormous Campus?}

{The Brownstone Buildings around Washington Park are Beautiful}

{My last stop of the day: Fellow Contributor Christine & her BF Cris place and look what I found!}

Check out Christine’s post on the home-delivery service.


Here are some springtime recipes with items that may or may not be in your Northeast or New England CSA share this week!

Smitten Kitchen has a timely Springtime Potato Salad with Pickled Spring Onions
Grow It Cook It Can It with Spring Greens Kimchi
Pickled Radishes by Eugenia Bone of The Denver Post
Small Batch Strawberry Vanilla Jam (with an option to add rhubarb) by Marisa of Food In Jars
Spring Onion Kimchi (used Tigress’ Ramp Kimchi recipe) by Marisa of Food In Jars
Rhubarb Mostarda by Julia of What Julia Eats
Spring Pasta by Heidi of 101 Cookbooks
Chive Pasta by Kaela of Local Kitchen
Carrot Sorbet by Girls Gone Child
Strawberry Balsamic Flatbread by Joy The Baker
Finally, Tracy at Shutterbean is “Salading” the entire month of June. LOTS of great ideas!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Christine says:

    Love the photo diary… I feel like I was right there on the road with you! Unfortunately I didn’t get my act together to leave you an awesome treat in today’s cooler, I’m hoping the peas & carrot costume goodwill can last through 2 weeks.

    PS- My sister & I were just emailing each other about Joy the Baker’s Strawberry Balsamic Flatbread! It looks ridiculously good.

  2. Courtney says:

    I loved this post. You captured your day so well. I understand and feel the joy you get from being a “modern milk-woman”! It’s fun to think about the members getting home for the day, reaching their front step and opening their treasure!

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