{weekend reading} rhubarb recipe edition

Here’s reason #2498 why having a blog is awesome. You experiment with new foods. Case in point; Rhubarb. I have had lots of rhubarb strawberry pie but I have never personally made anything with it. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. As of today, I’ve made freezer pureed rhubarb w/ vanilla (for later use with strawberries), Rhubarb, Apple & Ginger Jam, Local Kitchen’s Rhubarb BBQ Sauce (AMAZING!), Autumn’s Makes and Does’ Rhubarb & White Wine Sorbet, and Gluten-Free Girl’s Rhubarb Cobble for tasting samples at Saturday’s farmers market. Next on my list is rhubarb ketchup. I am loving the rhubarb!

Since I am still about three or four weeks away from getting back into the swing of my heavy-hitting {weekend reading} NATIONAL EDITION (waiting until CSA-sign up madness is over = expect a new post Sunday, June 19th) I decided to do a quickie recipe link love for my new favorite food.

First off, Kaela over at Local Kitchen give a great detailed overview on the Basics on Preserving Rhubarb

Secondly, Kate Payne over at Hip Girl’s Guide for Homemaking has an amazing recap of her Rhubarb Fest 2011– all the recipes she’s made with her 2011 Season of rhubarb!

Gluten-Free Girl’s Rhubarb Crumble via Food Network

Let’s get our sweet potato or eggplant fry-dipping-Ketchup-on with Tigress’ Rhubarb Ketchup (sans tomatoes) or  Rhubarb Ketchup via Foodista (with tomatoes)

Super-Easy Rhubarb & White Wine Sorbet by Autumn Makes & Does

A Rhubarb Recipe Recap on the kitchn

Tigress’ Rhubarb Syrup for some drinky poo’s or as an ice cream topping

Orange Rhubarb Butter by Marisa at Food In Jars

Smitten Kitchen’s Rhubarb Streusel Muffins and then Kate at Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking has a GF version! yay!

What Julia Ate has a great use for rhubarb jam, buttermilk muffins with jam in the center.

Rhubbarb Apricot Conserve by by Toronto Tasting Notes…

Strawberry, Rhubarb & Orange Maple Compote by Small Measure via Design Sponge

Mostly Foodstuffs has a great recipe for Rhubarb Liqueur and if you live in NYS, like we do, then What Julia Ate’s post will be most helpful as grain alcohol is illegal here. She made it from vodka, so I will too!

Finally, Punk Domestic’s All About Rhubarb Listings
(lots of good recipes here!!!)

12 Comments Add yours

  1. Alexis says:

    Ok Chris, this post is perfect timing. I have no excuse but to do something really cool w the rhubarb I got yesterday!

    1. Christina says:

      Yes. Giddy Up Alexis… Report back at Wednesday’s market! Ha!

  2. tigress says:

    hey, thanks for the link love! …and if rhubarb ketchup is next on your list, if i may roar for a moment on the rhubarb ketchup i made last year (you can find it over at tigress in a pickle) it was outta sight! planning to make it again next year so it’s good and ready when my wee little potatoes get all grown up and ready for fying! 🙂

    1. Christina says:

      Please “roar” on FSC whenever you want Ms. Tigress… its an honor. Just updated the links to include your sassy shallot-heavy (my favorite) ketchup. Loooks really great. I ran out of tomatoes in my larder, so you’re ketchup is PERFECT for right now. Making it tomorrow!

  3. Cindy says:

    Can’t wait to pour over all these links. Really helpful. Thanks!

    1. Christina says:

      Hi Cindy! Glad you like the links. Sundays are usually a labor-of-love mega post with food policy & recipes links. Since taking a CSA Coordinator gig, I can’t see to get that post written in a timely manner, so for now, its recipe link love for one specific food item.

      I just peaked around your site and its fabulous! I’m hoping this will begin a lovely blog friendship.

  4. lani says:

    Just made Rhubarb strawberry jam http://justmaz.com/?p=574 and the second batch added some of my dehydrated jalapenos…yummy…i wish my garden grew faster….I also never experimented with rhubarb I asked my neighbor if i would have some he then proceeded to haul two plant and plop them in my garden…God is good….thanx

  5. Christina says:

    THANK YOU CHRISTINA For opening up my inner culinary being!!! I’m having so much fun learning and experimenting from you blog and others! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

    1. Christina says:

      THANK YOU! For reading the blog, signing up for a CSA Share and being generally awesome! I love seeing your smiling face every Saturday. I hope you’re coming tomorrow night to the swap, even if its just to hang out and network (no pressure to bring something to swap).

  6. Julia says:

    Woot! Who loves rhubarb? I do! Glad you do, now, too. One day, we’ll have to have a glass of rhubarb liqueur together! Until then, cheers!

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