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Ohhhh Bittman. I love you. He reveals on his NYTIMES Opinionator Column why he is currently fasting…On his NYTimes blog he shares some of his fasting experience, Link-love on Hunger, Poverty & Budget Cuts and finally, his thoughts on Hunger as a Disease. Wonderful, wonderful pieces.

Sooo if you haven’t heard the outcome yet of the FDA “review” of the scientific evidence that links artificial food coloring to ADHD, close your ears and sing something. Take a deep breath. Okay, its not good. “More research needs to be done”. Even though, other countries banned the junk YEARS ago.Dr. Marion Nestle has a two part story; one is about food additives, the other is a response to the FDA decision. I found a Harvard Medical School post about the decision. The always well-spoken Christine at SpoonFed has taken to her blog to address the FDA, and Laurie David/Robyn O’Brien have an essay on Huffington Post. LA Times has the story too. Last but not least…Food Safety News. Ohhh and Whole Foods got into the conversation by making a statement about food dyes. This was by far the biggest National news story of the week…. second in line is…

The lawsuit against Monsanto.Tom Laskaway at GRIST has the story. Sustainable Food News has the story too! Rodale has the story too!

The third biggest story of the week is the two proposed regulations for calorie counting on all vending machine products, fast food restaurants and the life. Dr. Marion Nestle also has thoughts and tells you how to comment on the proposed regulations.

No surprise we spend the LEAST amount of money on food than any other country that counts that statistic.

Small amount of radiation was found in West Coast milk. The EPA has increased their monitoring of the situation.

Salon.Com had a wonderful photo contest this week with your best coffee art pics. A money?! A dude on a bike?! A women’s portrait?! Check it out for a “lighter” news story.

Back to the hard, cold facts of reality. Grist reports on a recent study on the horrible life of farm laborers.

A small essay from Alica Waters on her hope that Americans as a whole will start eating better. Personally, I think we’re on the right track!

My man, Bob Comis, farmer in Schoharie, NY is back on GRIST for a third week in a row. This week: Why there needs to be more Medium-Sized Farms.

Deborah Madison has her thoughts on the inner-workings of Farmers Markets…interesting read if you are on a FM board or a Market Manager or interested in the issues facing those individuals.

SlashFood has a {fascinating} story about Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO’s- where industrial meat comes from) of a heated debating in Know County, Missouri.

Time Magazine has a beautiful piece on food-movement people (foodies) and CAFO’s. I just wanna to take a moment and give a shout-out to Time for writing some really provocative food movement pieces since I began {weekend reading} back in late August.

The face of sustainable farming Joel Salatin has a great piece in YES Magazine about why sustainable farming includes meat production. {his portrait rocks so go read it} now. YES Magazines also has a great story about refined rice production.

Oh Oakland, be nicer to your Urban Homesteaders. Geez. You’re Oakland, the West Coast Brooklyn.

The Table of Promise blog brings us a stellar piece on Quinoa factoids.

In Jennie’s Kitchen has not only a stellar recipe for a French Onion Tart but also a manifesto on why people who can afford to eat organic, local, sustainable and ethical have a responsibility to do so.

Half Acre Homestead has a wonderful piece , “At What Point Am I Real?” on questioning how hardcore-homesteading you have to be to call yourself a “homesteader.”


Marisa at Food In Jars has a great Canning 101 educational post on the shelf life of jam. She also has exciting news about hosting author, Kate Payne’s book party in her home in late April (If you live in the Philly area, go quick there are only 25 spots available!) Kate Payne’s blog, Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking, has been made into a Lifetime Television Movie of the Week! April Fools, Kate has authored her first book under the same name. Published by a HarperCollins imprint, she will be traveling the country for a “House Party” Book Tour, on top of having your standard bookhouse/library book readings and signing. I can’t say anything yet but….Upstate NY might be getting a little “hipper” in April too- I’ll keep you posted. Wink. Wink.

Ohh Eugenia Bone, for the Denver Post, has an AMAZING post about making your own baking extracts. I’m getting right on that!

A “how to” video on HuffPost about finding and cooking Morel Mushrooms.

Hank Shaw on Hunter Angler Gatherer Cook has Sichuan bacon.

Since Michael had Swiss Chard this week, I pulled up a LOCAL KITCHEN recipe, Pickled Chard Stems. Yummers.

Candied Grapefruit Peel from Hitchhiking to Heaven.

Peter Barrett explores sprouts on Hudson Valley’s Chronogram.

Lastly, Miss Tigress has a canning book giveaway!


Since we’re all about scallops from Pura Vida Fisheries, Celia’s s Tequila Lime Scallop Ceviche is a must-try!

Cathy’s Roasted Mushrooms with Garlic, Chile, and Rosemary could be making its round in my household; Miles is OBSESSED with mushrooms right now.

Toasted Almond Sables on 101 Cookbooks.

Gluten-Free Girl & The Chef with roasted tofu with a dipping sauce.

Chew on This has a Gluten-Free Lemon Thyme Olive Oil Tea Cake

Orangette has a Parsnip Soup… Its not spring up here yet, so I’m still getting parsnips in my winter CSA Share.. sounds great!

Lastly, a impressive list of food bloggers put together a charity cookbook for Japan called Peko Peko. Under The High Chair, No Recipes and One Hungry Mama are all contributors.

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  1. I always look forward to your weekend reading round up – I’m rarely online over the weekend, so I look forward to Mondays because I know I’ll have some good, thought-provoking reading material waiting for me when I get to the office.

    Let me know what you think of the tea cake, if you get a chance to make it!

  2. Maria B. says:

    whew! I wish I could just download all this info into my brain! Great job, ladybird! The food dye thing is terrible. I went through so many emotions about making Olive a rainbow cake for her birthday but I had proposed the idea a super long ago and she never forgot it. It blows cause I was caught between horrid guilt over the scary colors and beaming pride for pulling off the cake feat!

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