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Hey folks; Hope you liked my piece on Bittman’s move to end his “Minimalist” column to becoming a member of the Op-Ed pages & begin a new column for the NYT Magazine…My piece (and true confession) on Taco Bell should be coming later today or early this week. In the meantime, link galore. You will notice that I’m keeping my editorial voice down to a soft whisper this week and just giving you the links. I’m running out of time and steam, and I want to make sure you have the information at the tips of your fingers early this morning! Lastly, I’ve added a new “recipe” category, FOOD PROJECTS, which will be recipes for things that are special, hobby-type projects,such as jams, mustards, curing bacon, making stocks, brewing beer, ect.  -Christina


Just a quick THANK YOU to everyone who nominated us for Apartment Therapy/the kitchn’s The Homies Awards. We didn’t have enough nominations to take us to the final round of voting, but seeing our name in the list of mucho-awesome foodie blogs was AWESOME! So thanks again for taking the time out of your busy days and nights to nominate us! Please stop by the site again and vote for your favorite out of the selected bunch… Hint, my vote is going to Tigress in a Jam!


GE Alfalfa has been approved by the USDA. Since you can’t account for wind and natural pollination, this could spell the end of organic farming…Cornacopia Institute broke the news, and The New York Times quickly followed. Robyn O’Brien, food allergy issue advocate and author, has an interesting article on Huff Post. Dr. Marion Nestle. Food Safety News on Whole Food’s interesting in this issue..and their position is not what you think.

Flava Flav (yes, the celebrity that wears the big clock around his neck) opens a fried chicken chain, his first store in Clinton, Iowa. Oh Boy. On Grist. On Billboard. Washington Post. NY Daily News.

On a follow-up from last week’s news of Walmart joining the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” Campaign comes some additional commentary. First up, The New York Times has a HUGE collection of pieces on the subject in their “Room for Debate” Section- A MUST READ. Seconldy, Dr. Marion Nestle adds her perspecive.

An Alabama law firm filed a class action again Taco Bell for misrepresenting its “seasoned beef” as according to the lawsuit, the mixture is only 35% beef as the rest is a scary and long list of other non-beefy ingredients. TACO BELL Class Action Lawsuit (pdf).  Eater has the story. Grist weighs in. So does Huff Post. In an update since the beginning of the week, Taco Bell quickly created an AD campaign “thanking” the law firm for suing the chain. Claiming all these things the beef mixture is EXCEPT for actually coming out and saying it is all 100% beef. Idiots.

The Star Tribune in Minneapolis reported early in the week that an ICE sweep found hundreds of illegal workers at Chiptole while the chain’s employees are saying its not true and protesting. I have not found an update to this story, so if anyone has a link and more information, please comment below.

A new State Food Poisoning Index analyzes which states are good at detecting foodborne illnesses—and which are failing: More on The Atlantic. (Another must read).

Jamie Oliver could be in some hot water back across “the pond” .

A must read and listen on NPR’s All Things Considered regarding organic v. conventional (GE) seed farming.

In this is not a typo news: 2010 Dietary Guidelines will be released by the USDA & HHS on Monday. Obama Foodorama has links to where you can watch the annoucement LIVE.

In a story that has gone almost completely unnoticed; the FDA planned on beginning testing milk for high levels of antibiotics this month but has now backed down and agreed to “discuss” the plan with the “Big Dairy”. No kidding.

In restauranteurs news: Momofuko Chef & Owner (among other establishments) David Chang is coming out with an APP and journal published by McSweeney’s. In case you don’t know this man (he’s a fellow Korean and my husband’s culinary hero) who has a small restaurant empire in NYC, take a looksie at all the articles written about him in the New York Times (wow).

Part two of a study has come out stating that preschooler know junk food brands on sight and their preferences for fat, sugar & fat are starting at a very early age. From the article; “The joint study was done by T. Bettina Cornwell, a marketing professor from the University of Oregon and Anna R. McAlister, a consumer science researcher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison”.

A very interesting article about the “traceability” of our industrial food in the Washington Post (yes, they do a TON of stories on food issues). A must read.

Cooking Light Magazine has an article about hidden sodium found in commodity chicken.

In case you were still drinking Folgers and aren’t up on all the new coffee lingo; like cupping, Esquire has done the work for you!

In food magazine news; Bon Appetite has been taken over by a new editor and has moved its offices in NYC. This we already know, but now comes a new ad campaign… its weird. The New York Times reports.

In food technology news; a printer that can print 3-D edible items. Whoa.

Indiana Public Radio weighs in on the obese pet epidemic.

Where the visual arts meets fine dining. Saveur has a wonderful slideshow on entree-conception to finished product.

Lastly, Mrs. Q over at Fed Up with School Lunch has had a wonderful week of blog posts. Wow. She critiqued another ad. this time Chef Boyardee. Next up, she discussed why YOU should care about Celiac’s Disease and going Dairy & Gluten-Free. Lastly, she had Robyn O’Brien, mentioned about in GE Alfalfa paragraph, guest blog about food allergies. None of these posts are to be missed. Quiz next Sunday!


Leek Soup with Dill Oil by 101 Cookbooks.
Breakfast Polenta Two Ways (Sweet or Savory) by Joy the Baker.
GF (and vegan) Coconut Lime Muffins by Cardamom & Cast Iron.
Cajun Sausage & Flageolot Stew by Local Kitchen.
Miso, Sesame & Sweet Potato Dip by Sunset Magazine.
Sweet Potato, Carrot & Dried Fruit Casserole by Martha Role Shulman (NYT)
In honor of The Minimalist, Bittman’s first column on Red Pepper Puree.
Vegan Cassoulet (and recipe for Garlic Confit) by The Allergic Kid


Very Flavorful Veggie Stock in 1 Hour by Bittman.
GF Shortcrust Pastry by Chocswirl.
Tigress in a Pickle (and in a Jam)’s Sri Lankan Mustard.
Make Your Own Buttermilk by Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking.
Homebrewing for Beginners on The Atlantic.
Whole Wheat Seed QUICK Bread by Julie (Dinner with Julie) on Babble’s Family Kitchen.


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  1. Libby says:

    Hey, thanks for the mention! If you haven’t had a chance yet to try the garlic confit, we now refer to it as the “jar of awesome” that lives in our fridge.

    I’m glad I tripped on your blog by way of the link back. I’m looking forward to looking around!

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