{Top 10+1} FSC Posts of 2010

Every blog does it, so let’s get ready to ride the most read blog posts in 2010 bus…Fasten your seatbelts!

Honk Honk!

As I explained in our 100th post (and Food Matters Cookbook giveaway); why I started the club in March 2010. We went “public” with the blog in late July/early August and you know what? We’ve already hit 10,000 views (and 219 posts). It happened just before our break, around December 19th, but with all our kick ass holiday-food posts I didn’t want to swoop in with a “OMG we hit 10,000 views” post. So this “most read” post gives me that opportunity to thank everyone who reads our teeny group blog. We are humbled and excited for the future.

That said, I have poured over WordPress’ in-depth analytics and their personalized “Your Blog: 2010 in Review” email I received two days ago; a few things can be gleaned. First, you like giveaways. Four of top eleven are giveaway posts. Second, as good blog readers you read the “Who Are We” page. Bravo. I too NEVER leave a new blog without reading every sentence on the “About” page. Thanks. That page is a very important piece of the puzzle, especially because we are a group blog. Group blogs are not all that common, especially one that is a group of friends and not a group of hired bloggers, so to view that page means you have the basic understanding that we speak from various points of view and households. Lastly, that many readers are local. A handful of our most popular posts were about local farms or local producers or brick-n-mortar businesses. I know this is just an assumption because who doesn’t want to read about farming and a community supported bakery. I guess I should also assume that people want to read more interviews and view pictures of farm tours… Hummmmm….interesting.

Now onto the nitty gritty…

1) Home Page. I wasn’t sure whether or not to include this, hence the 10+1 gimic. When I chose this WordPress theme I knew that a viewer could read all the posts, except comments, on the home page. So thus, it should be the most viewed.

2) {thanksgiving} Corn Bread Stuffing. There is a very specific reason for its popularity. Jane Maynard, Editor of Foodpress.com, WordPress’ edited food blog website,  featured my post on the website’s front page which sent hundreds, almost 1,000 hits to the blog. This makes me smile double-wide because this was my first attempt at stuffing AND our first Thanksgiving with Miles’ various food allergies so no traditional stuffing for us. One more blog factoid: the day before Thanksgiving was our busiest day ever, most of them from a search engines looking for a stuffing recipe. Who knew?

3) Who Are We? As stated above- AWESOME!

4, 5, 6 and 7) Our Various Giveaways. We have been very lucky to score such amazing hot-off-the-press cookbooks to giveaway. This trend will continue…as we have cookbook giveaways already scheduled for January and February. As a group we decided that it was important to focus our monthly national giveaways on cookbooks as our way to encourage people to get into the kitchen. Or to try something new in the kitchen. Our most popular giveaway was no surprise as it made many bestseller and “best of” lists; Amanda Hesser’s The Essential New York Times Cookbook. Put ‘Em Up by Sherri Brooks Vinton & Food Matters Cookbook by Mark Bittman round out our most popular. Lastly, to my surprise, one of our local giveaways made the list: Kilpatrick Family Farm’s $50 off a share!!! AWESOME! Another Kilpatrick-centered post made the list too…

8) {Interview} Community Supported Bakery with All Good Bakers. Another local post made the list! I believe this is soley because of All Good Baker’s PR Agent & Co-Owner Britin’s unrelenting Facebooking. Go Britin Go! This was our first, and so far, only interview on the blog. I am DYING to do more interviews and photo shoots but they will probably not be in the form of a written post. Most likely in 2011, you will be listening to our interviews with the Capital Region’s most interesting, most passionate food peoples. Don’t worry we will have the audio files on the blog with a {photo diary} & mini summary on the blog. That’s right, Santa brought me a pile of “podcasting equipment” for my Mac, and we will be taking things audio… fun time!

9) Indulgent…Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cookies. Sarah comes in 9th with her cute-kiddo-in-an-apron pic and the recipe from the Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Chip bag. Who doesn’t LOVE the chocolate/peanut butter combo?

10) {Know Your Farmer} Kilpatrick Family Farm. Michael, Philip, Jonathan and the rest of the Kilpatrick Family are a very popular subject on this blog! We probably don’t go four posts without referencing the Kilpatrick Farm as our vegetable/honey/egg or fruit source as most of us are in Saratoga County and shop the local farmers market. This post is our photo diary & summary of Amanda, Sarah & I’s trip to their farm during one of their open houses. We spent HOURS with Philip and Michael, with toddlers, talking honey bees, broccoli, brussel sprouts, pigs, meat & egg chickens, and tomatoes.

11) {edible gifts} Bread & Pancakes in a Jar. Lastly, Leslie turned out a winner with her quick bread and pancakes in mason jars contribution during our “edible gift” week. I think the fact that they were not candy nor baked goods, that they had a longer shelf life and frankly, just look pretty and gifty in the mason jars that people were so drawn to this post.

If we were to round out to the top 15 these four would make the list:
12) {Pioneer} Troy Community Food Co-op Opening Soon!
13) {edible gifts} Quick & Easy Peppermint Bark
14) {indulgences} My Binge Eating Secret
15) {How You Do It} My Fluid Thanksgiving (by guest contributor: Dianna)

If we were to look at our “Recurring Series”:
{What’s New in Your Kitchen} A tie between The Mandolin & Milk on My Doorstep!
{Desperately Seeking} Reader Advice: Meal Planning
{Weekend Reading} National Edition (I will give all the credit to FUSSYlittleBLOG for this being the most read WR)
{Weekend Reading} Local Edition
Feeding a {Picky} Toddler On White Bean Dip
{Photo Diary} Mohawk Hudson Marathon

Here’s to a great 2010 and an even better 2011; Onward & Upward!

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  1. We are super excited to be on this list! You all write about such a wide range of topics, it’s truly an honor to know your readers are interested in what we are doing. We’ve got all kinds of new developments happening (i.e., incorporating more locally-grown wheat into our breads and baked goods). We started our own little blog to keep our fans updated. (www.allgoodbakers.blogspot)

    I’m thinking maybe we should switch our blog to wordpress after learning about all the analytics features! I check mine daily. Thank you Chris for making All Good FSC’s first interview! You all are doing a great job keeping us informed about local and national food issues!

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