Today is the Day: S.510 Voting This Evening!

No new personal family post or recipe from any of us today. Instead we will concentrate on the biggest food news of recent years. S.510 will (finally!) be voted on today in the U.S. Senate (passed the House this summer).

Below I’ll link to many *pro* Op-Eds and news articles on this important topic.

As a person who follows recalls very closely, I’m excited to see this important bill coming to the table and hopefully will pass this evening. We need a stronger food safety system that includes mandatory recalls, not just “voluntary” recalls. In addition, we need more transparency in the way our food is harvested, processed and packaged, which would also include food imported from oversees. This is especially important for processed food stuffs and meat products that pass many processes and sometimes multiple hands before it makes it into a sealed container or box to the grocery store. on a personal level, as a mother to a severely food allergic child, my son’s life depends on ingredient, processing and cross-contamination transparency for EVERYTHING he puts in his mouth. Lastly, the rumors that this bill & amendments would outlaw organic gardening, saving seeds and personal backyard gardens are false. (Marion Nestle’s Nov 24th post below will outline more truths & rumors).

First up, a great Op-Ed piece by the two most “famous” food system advocates, Michael Pollen (The Omnivore’s Dilemma) and Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation & Food Inc.).

Front page news on San Francisco Chronicle today.

Food Safety News, as expected, has a bunch of good articles and Op-Eds to read. First up, Opinion pieces: S.510: No Free Passes and Protect Small Farms. The main article on the proposed action.

Marion Nestle has a post dedicated to today’s vote. It’s a great post as she has a rundown of the actual time things are supposed to happen today. She also has a “Rumors & Truths about S.510” post from November 24th worth checking out. has the updated status of the bill AND you can read the bill!

The Baltimore Sun has a pro-S.510 opinion piece.

The Atlantic chimes in with an Op-Ed piece by Daniel Fromson.

UPDATE: 11/30/2010: Senate passed the bill this morning by a WIDE margin; 73-25 with two not voting. The bill’s next stop is back to the house to reconsile the two bills, as the House bill is slightly different as it does not include the Tester Amendment.

NYTIMES has voter roll call by many different graphs & list. Find out if your Senator voted yea or neh.

NYTIMES has an overview of the passing of the bill.

Bill Marler, food bourne illness victim advocate & lawyer, has a breakdown of whats going on…

*Disclaimer: I’m not going to give a “fair and balanced” review of the bill with Tea Party and Libertarian parties’ reviews of the bill. That said, there is a TON of Op-Ed pieces against the bill as Glen Beck, and Sarah Pallin are just a few people who believe this is another “Big Government” power grab at our pantries…Feel free to google S.510 to read those opinions. There are plenty. (This is a google search link to “S.510 & Tea Party”) In addition, this post is ONLY my opinion. -Christina

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