{weekend reading} National Edition


A French Sociologist, Claude Fischler, explained at a recent lecture at the University of Washington, is that Americans need to stop eating by themselves, in front of a TV, computer screen, in their car. Grist has more.

Post BP spill, the oyster industry is trying to fight back with safe oysters. The Atlantic has a great essay.

A photographer shot a beautiful series of $1 food. 8 organic blueberries, a bunch of dehydrated fish, a fast food cheeseburger, take a looksie.

In {surprising} plastic bag news, The City of Los Angeles bans free plastic bags. Stores need to charge the 10cent/ per bag to lessen the reliance.

Wow is all I can say about this article written by NYTimes’ City Critic Ariel Kaminer “The Main Course has an Unhappy Face” Is about the author’s journey from farm to slaughter-house in Queens with a turkey. This story is fascinating.

Bittman continues his investigation into Walmart’s claim of a new local & sustainable food commitment. A Must read.

The wonderful Southern Poverty Law Center has completed a study on the horrible injustices inflicted on female immigrants who mainly work in the industrial food system. “Injustice on Our Plates:Immigrant Women in the U.S. Food Industry” can be read by downloading the entire 68 page study from their explanation page. You can also read a shortened article with highlighted main points on poultry and farm works and sex abuse on the job.

Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-N.D.) is posed to take over the Agriculture Committee.

The biggest food-related story of the week is S.510, the food safety overhaul that is lanquishing in Senate. The House passed it, I believe, back in June (?) or July (?)…. Rumors has it that the bill was going to be rushed through before Thanksgiving but two amendments have slowed down the progress until after the Thanksgiving break which started on Friday. That all said, everyone has an opinion. I am linking to a TON of articles/opinion pieces for you to dig your teeth into. Call your Senator and tell them whether or not you want the amendments attached to the bill. This bill must pass to lessen the industrial food system’s massive egg, spinach, peanut butter recalls from the past couple of years…Grist Part One.*** Grist Part Two. ***Dr. Marion Nestle (make sure you read the comments on this one!)***NYTimes’ article on the Tester Amendment (re: Small Farmers & small value-added producer exception).***

I almost completely forgot to address the FDA’s move to ban caffeinated alcoholic drinks. This was the second biggest story this week. Dr. Marion Nestle explains the premise on The Atlantic. And here’s a NYTimes article.

Wow, this week’s stories are just fasinating…here’s another one from NYTIMES. A story about food-as-medicine. I thought the story was about a food allergic 9-year-old but turned out to be about a boy with epilepsy who is eating a certain diet, extremely high in saturated fat, to keep the seizures at bay. And its working. Another must read.

Lastly, a great essay about home cooking in the “Top Chef”era.

Stay tuned for a larger Thanksgiving-recipe focused post on Tuesday morning. Until then…

How to make vanilla bean coffee liquor coffee on The Dinner Files.

Canning Master, Marisa at the Food In Jars, has another SUPER informative post on her canning tools of the trade.

Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking has a just-in-time post on how to clean your caked-on messy pots & pans.

Green Goddess Dressing recipe– yum!

Raise Healthy Eaters has tips for eating healthy without a Kitchen.

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