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Hey Everyone! I have got so much food-related goodies for you this week, my head is spinning and my fingers hurt from all the typing!


An Op-Ed (interactive graphic) in this week’s New York Times explores the idea in how to restructure secondary school’s “lunch lines” to be more conducive to kids making smart food choices. These changes are SMALL and the authors say it would make a substantial difference. A MUST looksie, hence its the first link.

Okay, please read this. A 10 year old boy called 911 due to a bad dinner served to him by his dad. Seriously awesome.

My second NYTimes article link is to an article on how to humanly kill chickens before slaughter. Another must read.

In an update of a story about LA-based farmer’s market vendors cheating by selling veggies off trucks, not grown on their farms, LATIMES reports that California Food & Agriculture are having public comments in four different cities on their proposed certification process for all vendors.

Helene York, Strategic Initiatives Coordinator for Bon Appetite Management Company (NOT the magazine but an industrial food service/catering company- think large corporate dining halls, museums, and the like) talks about the struggle of buying seafood in “Cheap Seafood’s High Cost”.

Starbucks in Seattle are now serving beer & wine.

Marion Nestle discusses a study’s findings on USA’s toddler eating patterns on her blog, Food Politics. On The Atlantic, she reports on a recent obesity study that shows “fat” acts as a hard drug in our bodies.

Mario Batali has joined The Atlantic’s food pages. Read his first post here.

LATimes reports on West Coast dairy farm’s change from milk production to added-value production like artisianal cheese.

Mrs. Q, Fed Up with School Lunch, discuss the uneasy relationship between food corporations and health.

Scientific America reports on a study, just completed, that shows food tastes better in a noisier environment.

In international news, like the napa cabbage shortage in South Korea, Indonesia has to import rice due to weather issues.

Barry Estabrook has been reporting on the plight of tomato farm workers for years, here’s an update of the debate and challenges to provide basic human and workers rights. Complex issue indeed.

Another “Cooking With Dexter” in this weekend’s NYTimes Magazine. This week, author Peter Wells discusses meat animals, butchering and keeping the idea of having a farm in their backyard from Dexter, cuz Dexter loves all things food. He includes a LA Chorizo recipe.

In local blogging/restaurant news: Steven Barnes, Table Hopping, blogged a few days (weeks?) ago asking readers to tell him what adjectives, used by restaurants, was most annoying. Sadly words like “from scratch”, “local” and “artisianal” rated high. Saratoga Spring’s own The Cupcake Lab had an amazing response which is a topic of a new blog post. The comments are a MUST read. Seriously. Bravo The Cupcake Lab!

The Dairy Green reports on EIGHT truly “green” fast food restaurants.

In the “no surprise” category, The Washington Post reports that food safety inspections are often flawed.

Another piece of international food news, The Telegraph reports the EU issues a proposal to BAN cloned animals from the food supply.

An important essay by Maria Rodale, CEO and Chairwoman of the Rodale empire and granddaughter of the founder, discusses three top issues that the organic movement needs to address now.

Food Allergy news: Nut Free Mom has some great tips for Halloween with your (mine) food allergic kiddo. LATIMES reports on the latest food allergy study- yup, kids are more allergic than ever before. The FDA got into the act by posting their own blog article on the topic.

I missed this link last week, but NYTIMES’ Food Issue was last week (oops) and the theme was food & community (hey, that’s us!). The two best essay are Growing Together by Christine Muhlke and a story about Pie-Lab an amazing food/community project in Greensboro, Alabama.

LATIMES is hosting their first ever holiday cookie bake-off! Enter now, deadline is November 15th.

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This potato hash w/ avocado & egg by SHUTTERBEAN looks amazing. I’m drooling. While you read this post, I’ll be making this for our Sunday morning breakfast- yum. I’m thinking of substituting one of the potatoes for one sweet potato.

Smitten Kitchen as another goodie- cauliflower/egg/cheese cake.

One Hungry Mama has LOTS of ideas for using pumpkin.

Halloween will be among us next weekend, I had to share this stunning “ghost cake” featured on Martha Stewart. It’s arty and minimal in its beauty.

On the apple theme, Salon.com has two apple recipes worth checking out. The first is an apple, onion and bacon tart. The second one is an Southeast Asia-inspired spicy apple salad.

Red Velvet Hot Chocolate made with BEETS! Courtesy of Dinner with Julie via Babble’s Family Kitchen.

Staying with Dinner With Julie for one more post, she has a wonderful EASY non-dough potato/kale galette. This might be a dinner in our house this week!

Gluten Free Girl & The Chef have a yummy looking GF Oreo Cookie sandwich recipe. It does have dairy in it, but she is requesting that people modify to their needs and post a link in the comments section. I may try my hands at these.

In Canning recipes: Kitchenette is featuring a homemade Sriracha recipe. We are BIG Sriracha users in our house, might try my hand at this recipe… Another mustard-from-scratch recipe, this time from Honest Food.

Pithy & Cleaver has a wine glazed radicchio recipe.

Food 52 brings us a baked pasta dish with pumpkin that screams fall. They also have a cooking video on how to make “Tipsy Maple Corn”- yum.

Lastly, thekitchn has a brussel sprout recipe roundup.

{ode to warhol, saratoga springs, ny}


Good Life Eats has a trick to filling mini muffin tins.

thekitchn brings us “whats the difference in white, yellow and red onions”.

Local Kitchen (written by our neighbor in the Hudson Valley) gives an AMAZING tutorial for making labels for your canning project.

TICINGS, AMAZING edible (allergy free) designs for your cupcakes. I think these are terrific for a special event. This is in the why-didn’t-I-think-of-this catagory. genius. Disclaimer: I just found this company, they have sent me NOTHING. I just find it a cool idea- has anyone used them???

Living Well With Food Allergies has a great tutorial on Gluten Free Paper Mache! I needed this!!!! Food products are in many non-food applications, just think skin cream, shampoo, play dough and paper mache.

the kitchn asks its readers for tips and tricks to make vegan, or non-dairy soups taste creamy.


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    So much good stuff in one post. And the photos, wow. Love it.

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