{Weekend} Reading: NATIONAL EDITION

Here’s the second half of my link love this week….


Marisa, canning guru who writes at Food In Jars, posted a great piece about the importance of using bottled lemon juice in canning.

Another Canning Guru, Mrs Wheelbarrow, was on NPR for her canning and blogging. She writes about the experience on this post while also giving a mouth-watering-fig-lemon-thyme-jam recipe.

Simple Recipes’ yummy-looking Baked Shrimp with Tomatillos (hopefully Denison Farm and your favorite farm stand will have them this weekend!)

On Mark Bittman, a short article about the transformation of organic to buy local to know your farmer, by a CSA farmer.

Raising Healthy Eaters has Part Two of their Managing Sweets series.

9 Reasons to Can Your Own Food by Simple Bites

the kitchn, an offshoot of Apartment Therapy, has a nice spice overview.

Weirdly, Design Sponge, an AMAZING design blog I read all. the. time. has a nice post about DYI Seasonal Allergy Remedies.


Environmental Working Group reports that California failed to pass a bill banning BPA in baby bottles, formula and sippy cups.

Barry Estabrook wrote a great follow-up piece in The Atlantic about the GIGANTIC egg recall.

One more Atlantic article, this one by Marion Nestle. The Federal Trade Commission has issued subpoenas to 48 food companies to hand over information about their marketing practices aimed at children.

Marion Nestle reports on the FDA taking comments on GM Salmon (!!!!)

I love me some GRIST, another good to-the-point article on Industrial Food System’s energy use.

Some disturbing news from Hawaii, multiple people indicted for human trafficking of workers at farms in Hawaii and other mainland farms. People (up to 400!!!) from Thailand were brought (lured) to the US for “good paying jobs” and got horrible treatment and little to no-pay. FBI has indicted 6 people…read!

On the same topic, I started searching and got this gem of a story out of Florida about more farm worker/ human trafficking story, this time people from Haiti.


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  1. Chuckers says:

    Top of reading list today, the article by Marion Nestle. She’s great. I’m curious what the food companies have been doing to coax subpar and hidden ingredients into foods geared for children labeled “healthy” and “wholesome”.

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