{Weekend} Reading

I wish everyone a great weekend! The weather looks amazing for the Albany/Saratoga Region- YEAH!


Read Barry Estabrook’s blog Politics of the Plate. This is were the best national food news reporting can be found. He has won a James Beard Award for his work, more specifically for his reporting about the insanely harsh conditions of tomato field workers for the now-defunct Gourmet. In the meantime, here’s a piece written about Barry’s recent visit to two different dairy farms.

We all knew this was coming right?! Researchers show the Genetically Modified crop, Transgenic canola, escaped into the American wild. Story on Nature (link courtesy Kilpatrick family Farm Facebook page- Thanks Phillip!)

Appetite For Profit has a great post about Center for the Public Interest’s class action lawsuit against Coca-Cola because claims about Vitamin Water’s heath benefits are false, misleading, deceptive, and unfair.

A super uplifting article on GRIST. DC will be implementing a pilot program in their public schools- all food made by scratch by formerly-incarcerated people run by the agency, DC Central Kitchen.  AWESOME!! I hope this program works and can be recreated in New York State.

Food Preservation has become a HOT topic in the mass media in the past two weeks. LA Times here and Seattle Times here.

According to Obama Foodorama USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service is running a pilot program to foster food gardens in schools, as part of the People’s Garden project.

Two short-but-to-the-point blog posts, one about the Farm Bill, the other about sneaky food marketing by the always awesome Dr. Marion Nestle.


This is both a food and running AND a local post (!!!!) MARK BITTMAN is training for the (very local) Hudson Mohawk Marathon on 10.10.10 (same one as our club members Sarah & Amanda!!!). He’s begun a column for Runner’s World to journal his training and food as fuel regime. (Link Courtesy of Sarah)
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Preserving Herbs on Simple Bites


Girl Gone Wild’s mom creates some YUMMY looking black bean polenta. I will be making this for Miles for sure!

Clean & simple eating all the way: yummy raw zucchini crudo at Kiss My Spatula

I’ll be trying Sarah’s campfire potatoes this weekend but if you need another application for your farm stand potatoes- Dinner With Julie featured Curried Potatoes with Tomatoes and Peas.

My personal favorite blogger, Cathy Erway, created a green curry hot dog in a cucumber bun for a hot dog contest in Brookyn. She posted the recipe on Mark Bittman. FUN FUN FUN!

Spouted Kitchen is one of my favorite food blogs around, especially because of the photography (to die for!). I don’t make many of these recipes as they aren’t Miles-friendly but the Ginger Peach Cake looks outstanding.

I will be making this for Miles with our homegrown sun gold cherry tomatoes– Roasted tomatoes and peaches on One Hungry Mama

Food Allergic News

Like the Michael Pollen article that was run in very blog across the food blogosphere, this week in my food allergic circle all the “talk” was about  LA Times columnist & Time Magazine contributing writer, Joel Stein. He wrote an opinion piece titled “Nut Allergies – Yuppie Invention” basically how food allergies are fake and the mass hysteria is created by parents who need to feel special (on a personal note, the article was published on Miles’ 1st birthday- January 9th, 2010). In an unfortunate ironic twist his 15 month old son was diagnosed with food allergy to tree nuts and some seeds. This is a confirmed diagnosis as his son ate the food and had a serious reaction with a trip to the ER. Mr. Stein wrote about the ironic situation in the August 9th issue of Time Magazine. What I am linking to is a) Mr. Stein’s original LA Times opinion piece, 3) Allergic Living Magazine’s response and 3) Food Allergy Mama’s response post that is really insightful.

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